Semantic Death


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What do you wish to do now? Confront the God of Geometry? He’s been developing data structures, ever since we tapped into his kingdom of nothingness. I asked his chief engineering limb if it would like to do an interview, but it didn’t seem interested. So I begin examining the logos on my own. Someone had told me that at first there was the word. The word was like a tornado that engulfed the world. Logos was the pristine logic ūṇto whose glory the first data structures broke into a dynamic song of perfect organization. As soon as the word engulfed the world, everything was doomed to decay of meaning and a gradual semantic death. Paradise was lost, as the blind man said. God of geometry began unleashing upon this world configurational updates, that have of late started confusing people big time. There was war and bloodshed. Semantic deaths were rampant. World was suspended in chaos. Within the most popular configurations, however, it seemed like all was coffee and tea, cream and dream, smile and wink…

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Do whatever you wish to. Have a nice day.


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