Mountain Birds

In the mountains… there are birds… that remind me… that there is freedom… and there is beauty… and I smile… they seem to wonder… about the camera and the person…

white-capped water redstart
plumbeous water redstart
Verditer flycatcher
grey bushchat
grey headed canary flycatcher
grey headed canary flycatcher


  1. How ever did you get the canary flycatcher to perch on the guitar string?
    And, all the pictures are especially fascinating to me as i have never seen these birds.
    Do the redstarts dive into the water like our water dippers?

    1. It came inside and liked the perch. They don’t really dive into the water like dippers… they’ll most likely fly and catch insects above water… I’ll show you a dipper… It’s not a very clear picture though.

    1. She couldn’t find the way out… had to really help her… but she seemed to like the guitar. šŸ™‚
      This dipper seemed to love the rush.
      The mountains are majestic and beautiful… amazing to climb in!

  2. Those little guys go silly inside; they just don’t understand walls and ceilings.Have you ever held one in your hands? i did once, a yellow warbler blown off course over the ocean and so exhausted it was grateful to be held and to gather warmth.

    1. I did. There was an injured pitta once who stayed with us for a few days… he flew away when he was better… and a rose ringed parakeet… he couldn’t recover though…

      1. but truly love these pictures are the sweetest at the same they make me feel like you are as rare as the chance to capture such beautiful creatures with what seems like such ease for you! if that can makes sense to you? you are one with the treasures found in nature I guess is what Im feeling.

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