Fluid World; Night Moods


I’ve been here before… under the spell of whispering shadows… a song that I’ve heard before… hot soup of melting notes swirls inside my head… I’ve been here before… under the whispering leaves of an oncoming spring… I’ve been here before… many times, but always the first time… I’ve been here before, but this is the first time… I look up… leaves… I’ve been blue… I’ve been colorless… I’ve been cold… I’ve also been sure… I’ve been here before… under the moody night sky… It’s a fluid world… We’ve been here before… we’ve been under the spell of queens and lords… of heavens and magic words… of songs and song birds… we’ve been charmed… we’ve been lured… we’ve been sick… we’ve been cured… Who turns on the lights, so the night doesn’t get to touch my skin? Who leaves me nightless and unfulfilled? It’s a fluid world… are you listening? The one who turns on the lights? I’ve been here before… it’s a beautiful night… let it be dark just this once… I really want to meet the owls… I’ve been told they’re wise…




  1. Dear Prashant!! I do believe these photos of yours are works of art! Breathtaking! they make me feel! I will go back now and reread this as many times as it takes so that when I leave this page this page will not leave me…maybe one day I will find a bigger much better word to describe what it is reading you does to me but for now you know there is only one word I can think…you are…well you know!

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