Out of Petals; Blown out of Measure?


…at your service, your Majesty. A million smiles to your one. Actually, the millions have forgotten all reasons to smile. They are hungry, you see. I do not mean to intrude the sacred ceremony of your tongue savoring divine sensations, but it seems like I have already done it. Do forgive my uncouth intrusion. A million joys to your one. Actually, the millions have forgotten… I am sorry… this is just not appropriate. Your taste is of cosmic significance. Your pleasure balances out every other pain. Your joy is holy. You are hope for all. You are the measure for all beauty. More wine for the queen! Do forgive me your Majesty, for there is bitterness in my voice. I hope it does not seep into those choicest berries from a faraway land. I’ll go punish myself for the bitterness… or…or maybe… I should just let it slip by. Give me some of that wine… what is wrong with me… I need to loosen up… holy sandwich... All you wanted was some ice cream…


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