The Forest in a Book

Pebbles in a brook
A brook in a forest
A forest in a book
The book begins to breathe
Waking up and hopping around
In my room and with a joyous bound
Through the open window
A swound above the ground

The forest pouring like an inky waterfall
Like a wordy echo in those mountains
Birds and birds oh birdie birdie bee
Leaves a leaf a one-a two-a three
Gleefully lost in the sound
Of a forest in a book
A book in a poem
A poem in your lips
Your lips… Upon mine

a forest pours down
a bird in a book
a bird outside
a bird hanging
a birdie red
birdie… keen…


      1. “Sound of the drums
        Beatin’ in my heart
        The thunder of guns
        Tore me apart
        You’ve been thunderstruck”
        said AC\DC to you

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