She’s Scary! She Should Sleep!

emotionheavyA glance so glancy that her eyes bleakly resembled the dusk in those heavy brief moments when it was directed to me. A sinking feeling, much delighted in its downward motion, finds me vulnerable… in need of something to fill up the emptiness being left behind by my fast draining sense of self. I was afraid that her pupils might soon sink completely out of sight, and as it grew dark outside, I agreed with a slight nod to the disagreeable thought, that if that were to happen it’d be quite a horrifying night. Not only would I have to burn the little that remained of my flickering spirit to keep myself warm in the frightfully cold condescension of her freezing words, I would also have to avoid meeting the ghastly wasteland of her eyes. I hope the sun never sets… and if it does… I hope she falls asleep. She looks lovely when she sleeps.


  1. You write wonderfully, a beautiful, deep piece. I find much more in your posts Prashant, not just words and a mere story, you have elements of emotion attached to your writings, which makes them much more enjoyable to read.

  2. Oh! I see the face in the stone-?- ! And, then you quilted it? faded the edges? and…then what program did you work in? No, i don’t need to know, although I would like to; It is not something i will ever try to do. I am just curious and yes, i know “curiosity killed the cat” only i am not one. i am an angel in the dust; I need to paint and can’t. But I love your work and these gold colors you chose are some of my favorites.

    1. Hahaha. It’s like you are too afraid to touch this new interesting thing that seems to be cool enough to touch, but might be hot because it just feel down from the skies at a tremendous speed.
      The picture’s a lot of distortion effects in Coral Paintshop.
      Maybe you need some new music dear angel in the dust!

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