Fluid World; Far from the Madding Crowd

A black mass of people swarmed out of my head into paper, radiating many colours of excitement… or a speedy breed of boredom. Some voices argued with the kind of savagery, which is to be observed on the face of a snarling wolf pup… others hurried towards my right hand without as much as a swish of cloth. Everyone wanted out… far from the madding crowd. I wondered whether it would still be a madding crowd if no one wanted to rush out like that… Ink would keep seeping out of the sacred tip of the nib, I was in no mood to disappoint those… those… well… those people… I’ve been warned that they would destroy me if I don’t let them out. “It’s a fluid world ladies and gentlemen”, I announced. Didn’t slow them down a bit. “Oh!”, I suddenly realised, They were fluid too!

Reading can be done
In an obscure corner of the evening
Something contained
Drip Drip

5 thoughts on “Fluid World; Far from the Madding Crowd

  1. a magic moment with holly says:

    Impressive photography and even more impressive vision to see the images made possible.
    I love the pulling away and break off of the drop and the piping reflected in each globe-delicious food for the mind and eye.-thank you
    Angel in the dust

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