Fluid World

On the road side, stones, pebbles, broken bricks… an earthquake in New Zealand… Liquid gold, oil, ink, financial crisis… already absurd bank notes, a cocky victor, change… what change? What changed? Exchange rates, interesting people, interested people, angry and opportunistic people… opinions, habits, context, opinions, habits, conceptualized, angry and opportunistic people, nice people, not so nice people… A positive world view, a dystopian surrender, a dystopian exhilaration, destruction, world is going to dogs… well dogs are nice… People love dogs… people are terrified of dogs… people invented dogs…people invented people… happiness, death, liquid gold… frames caught…water, oil, ink….art

Old City Street
Gold Beans
A Drink of Gold


  1. breath in-breath out-lose yourself like a grain of salt in the ocean of your Beloved. Is there just One? ( i think so but with as many forms as there are thoughtful people)
    -love your work it is so creative and thought provoking.
    Angel in the dust

    1. Dear angel in the dust. The one is so distant that the many feel close… the bliss is so deep that pleasures feel alright. The journey is so big, It would take more than my eyes… But then… one never really knows, until perhaps one does…
      Your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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