Fantasy in the Gaze

Have you heard of a piece of music that was known to be only half revealed? They say the composer had been a wicked man for coming up with something so brilliant but hidden from view.

No one knew his name or his game but everyone wanted to play with him. Those who understood music wanted to play him. It was said he didn’t like being played. He liked being known anonymously.

My guess is he didn’t feel responsible for that beautiful piece of music. The music must’ve been for him complete in itself without a name to attribute its conception to. I believe this music to have been immaculately conceived. It was not fully revealed, for it was like people, never to be fully known, never to be played out.

It had openings to the infinite. If one would venture inside, there were many windows and many doors, to leave anytime, or to stay and gaze outside at the canvas painted by fantasy in the gaze of the beholder. ‘Interesting’ said an intelligent woman… ‘Wonderful’ gasped a sensitive man… I looked away… standing alone by a small window… painting my soul…

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