Garden’s Poetry

The poets search for poetry
led her from home to the edge
from edge to the jump
from jump to the flight
from flight to her home.

Roots make their way
To the heart of the earth
Her secrets spurt out skywards.

Old leaves, pebbles and stones
Soft death, breath  and bones
Young poet, garden and poetry
Silence sings another soul free.


  1. This poem is very beautiful. I loved the first para and especially the last line. I remembered reading that line what one musician said that music is also very much the arrangement of silence. Beautiful poem. Exploration, contemplation and solitude.

    1. Hello Santusht. Thanks a lot. Beginner is the best thing to be friend. Your poems felt beautiful in their simplicity and honesty. Best wishes. 🙂

      1. Thank you sir for reminding me how important and beautiful it is to be a beginner. I’ll remember to remember. Waiting for more stuff from you.

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