A low resolution organism

From the early days

Of the maze

Quite Amazing, Hungry and alone he

Wanders dark city streets and moans he

Looking for something to feed on,

A ghost or two to eat afore dawn.

A forlorn ghost suddenly

breathing quite sullenly,

Emerges out of shadows

Of yellowed books and

Fallow minds.

With a sad smile he

Looks very fondly

At the amazing organism

from early days of the maze

Who by the way was hungrily

Chasing him down a dark Alley.

He leads him to the new gateway to

The other side of this eternal night

And quite amazed he gazed

From past this portal

As this marauder of the night

Emerges out on the other side!

A brilliant piece on move he’s

Mr. PacMac..welcome yonder…

Welcome back…


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