Allegro wounded!


Coloured by deception, a symphony

Midnight flavours of a frolic adhered

Thus declared;

The quest for a word

Songster by deception, the symphony

Follows a nervous breakdown…

“Let there be the first movement!”

There has to be a way

To speeden things up

“Let me be!”




Is alive!”

“A fucking bee hive!”

“Duck! Dive!”


“Without a gun

You sitting duck”


“I feel like I’ve been…


Out of deepest sleep…


Coloured by deception, a symphony

Jabbing Jabbibg Jabbing!

Every note is a needle countrymen

The first movement a constant jab!

Technically sound, a game of sound

Symmetrically sane, of emotion a dab!

Cribbing about nothing in a nothing form

A form nothing , in it’s raw vagueness,

Release the form to form again

The first movement, more sensible,

An Allegro 120 to 168 bpm

and a poet with a rhyming scheme…


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