A War on Words – Lost but Won!


Someplace sometime; a sacred game

Twitching finger, grasped another

A lack of trust for the lack of name

a bead of sweat; else unexplained.


Undertaking isolation, to begin with

The act of defining; differentiation

experiencing senselessly, to begin with

surrounded by negations; separation!

*       UNVEILING       *

A warrior indeed; a war-scarred chest

Baring; an act of exposition

The father of a scar is a war

mother, the Bearer of this passion

A fatal wound unfussed

Clouded judgement, bloody copulation

A gush of blood, and lo!

And lo! The scar is sensible!

Separated scar, but besieged,

The act of separation besieged as well.


All of these, lewd lingual games!

Di_fferen_tiation as well

Discomfort for the lack of name

Frailty to be besieged as well.


Someplace sometime, a sacred game

Played again with the ^Bearers^ valor

Lack of fear for the lack of name

no bead of sweat, unexplained (>a negation)

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