Many Faces

Infinitely more and significantly less

Closed eyes; the world seemed to be

What lies yonder? come take the walk

sing and dance the way to eternity…

In this dominion of illusory freedom

The youthful and ignorant first flight

Like naivety  of the very first sex

Like a captive bird freed of it’s plight…

The dark and bright fringes of instability

The many faces of the same creation

In itself shall forever defy puny intellect

feeble slave to the superficial sensation…

Behold! The way to knowing leads but to not-knowing!!

Behold the free spirit! Into immaculate darkness it’s going…


    1. Shabdon ka kya hai… Dictionary me dekh lo… Phir shayad jara jyada samajh a jaega. 😀

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