Building From The Ruins

Creating out of ruins

Solitary in the path to unlearning all that had been injected into him, he reached the land of no-belief. Here he realized darkness and learnt to burn bright so that he does not fall into the gloomy pit of infinite disbelief. Eternal falling into this pit of utter darkness had been the fate of  many a wandering spirit before him, but he wished not to whore himself to this easy suffering but wanted to seek beyond even the darkness which lay beyond the light of belief. But when he burnt bright he saw ruins of the civilization he’d left behind. He realized that all that had been created by those of his kind was but built upon the light of belief and with the onset of disbelief all infrastructure is destined to collapse. All of it was built on weak foundations and that which isn’t strong shall perish and one day lie in ruins. Mourning this great tragedy he searched for some comfort, his vision blurred by the tears of utter grief. His flames dimmed and he barely saw the pit of infinite disbelief right in front of him.

But as he was about to take the fateful step a human figure became visible in his flickering light and he froze right there! He was about to doom himself to an eternity of falling! In his weakness he’d have become his own nemesis. ‘That which isn’t strong shall perish’.

His fire burnt bright again and through the dancing flames of his intensity he beheld a person building and painting new simple structures out of the ruins.

That’s what it’s about! When all the structures have collapsed and all the lies have faded away into the darkness,  be the solitary builder of simple structures based on truth! Burn bright and intense and there shall be enough light to guide others to this city of no-belief, which you shall eventually rename and build a new civilization.

This too shall one day lie in ruins but your own structure shall never fall if it has a strong foundation.

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